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For many years creating fine oil portrait paintings and watercolor images was the primary focus of Helen Yancy’s artistic life. But in the early 1990’s when she ventured into the infinite universe of virtual media—the limitless palettes, brushes, and tools of the digital world—she renewed and expanded her own artistic and creative horizons.

Since then, Helen has  become known worldwide for her innovative photographic watercolor portraits, virtual paintings and fantasy images that are inspired by a seemingly endless new world of artistic possibilities. These extraordinary images represent the ultimate blending of photographic energy that is formed and shaped by artistic innovation. These one-of-a-kind fine art portraits make paintings more affordable than the elegant oil paintings for which she originally gained prominence in the art world.

Today, Helen Yancy’s art embraces the following media:

Watercolor Interpretations

Contemporary in feeling, these images possess a light and airy freshness and can be displayed equally well in modern or traditional homes.

Virtual Oil Paintings

These images, which typically are deeper in tone, represent a more formal and elegant interpretation of the subject. These paintings have great appeal as a primary decorative focal point in fine homes and offices.

Artistic Remembrances

Even when your children are grown, Helen can create a beautiful childhood study from your photograph or snapshot, with copyright permission. Photographic restorations also available.

Photographic Studies

These expressive, classic studies are artistically enhanced far beyond the camera’s capability.

"Words cannot describe how happy I am with the oil painting you painted of Caralyn and Chloe. I was so pleased and awestruck when I saw the finished product. I admire you and your talents. Your are truly incredible! I presented the painting to my husband and he was absolutely speechless. He said the art piece is gorgeous and will be treasured for many years to come. You truly have a gift and we thank you Helen for sharing that special gift with us so we can proudly display the painting." — Alice Brown

"We wanted to thank you so much for our beautiful collection of photographs and our watercolor. They are breathtaking! You were a joy to work with as well. We would like to thank your staff for their help too." — John & Sarah Gothro

"Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my mom's picture. I wonder if you know just how great the service is you provide. It's far more than a painting or a picture. Part of you is in everything you produce. The love, the caring, the feeling - they are all there! Yours is a labor of love. It shows in everything you do." — Lou Roussey

"My most sincere appreciation for the beautiful watercolor painting you did for Olivia and me. My daughter, son-in-law and all who have seen your work/talent are moved by its beauty. (Not the subjects but the art) You have a great gift. My most deepest gratitude for your wonderful work." — Dr. Gerald Ebmeyer

"Words will not explain how I feel about the portrait you did of my dogs and me. You captured their very essence. It is the most lovely gift my wife could have given to me!" — Steve Buckly

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